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Parent Challenge

posted Oct 9, 2018, 12:50 PM by Nancy Draney
Sooooo.....3B came up with a Parent Challenge.  We were discussing giving your full attention and listening and phones came up in the conversation.  Sadly, today they do take up a lot of our attention.  The Challenge ,which is optional, went home in the folder today.  Simply, accept or not accept and send it back.  If accepted, parents/grandparents agree to attempt to stay off their phones for an entire hour while with their student.  You have a week to complete the challenge.  This is not an excuse for children to confiscate phones and they are aware of that.  This is an agreed upon time that won't interfere with work or cause hardship.  This may be easy for some and impossible for others.  There is no judgement, just a gaining of some insight from our childrens' perspective.  Good Luck!!